WATCH: A comparison trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

See all news 17th May 2022 Games

Sumo Nottingham and Gun Media are delighted to reveal a new trailer for the upcoming game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, in which we showcase how faithfully we’ve recreated various locations from the movie. 

The IGN-exclusive trailer, which dropped on Friday the 13th, shows iconic locations from the iconic 1974 film, including the Last Chance Gas Station and shots from around Leatherface’s house. 

Darren Campion, Executive Producer working on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre at Sumo Nottingham, said: "It was so important to us to create a world that felt familiar to lovers of the iconic film whilst delivering environments to allow them to feel as they could step right into the shoes of the Slaughter family of their Victims. 

“It’s always been our priority to create a compelling and entertaining story that engages players as much as the original film and the original tale of Sally and her friends captured viewers in the 1974 film.”  

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