The Texas Chain Saw Massacre soundtrack available now!

See all news 26th May 2023 Games

As the launch date for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes at us faster than LeatherFace in the final chase, we’re delighted to announce that the official soundtrack for the game is now available to stream!

Composed by our very own Audio Director (and Composer for the game) Ross Tregenza, the soundtrack features spine-chilling sounds from a range of eerie instruments, including the Soma Lyra drone machine and the Apprehension Engine played by Gun Interactive CEO, Wes Keltner.

Ross has been sharing a track-by-track breakdown of his methods for creating menacing melodies and spine-chilling sounds for the soundtrack over on Twitter, and we’ll be sharing insights from Ross’ studio here in Nottingham in the coming months!

The soundtrack is just one of a trio of terrifying tones for the game, as both the companion album ‘Remains’ and Lo-Fi LeatherFace have released in recent weeks.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre official soundtrack is available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Music, and the game will be released for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One|Series and PC on the 18th of August and available day one on Xbox Game Pass.